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Hospitality Security

Bars, Clubs & Restaurants

The days of the thug bouncers are over and a new breed of professional security staff are necessary in the ever-increasing competition for patrons. Throw into the fold that Security companies and all their security staff must now be licensed and qualified under New Zealand law.

Security staff are a necessity in the hospitality industry to uphold the liquor licensing laws regarding the control of patron entry, intoxication levels, age restrictions, venue number limits and patron behaviours.

Your security staff are the first and last staff members that your clients and patrons see and interact with and October Protections security staff are setting the standards and raising the level of professionalism in hospitality security.  Their high levels of public relations and communication skills combined with the necessary physical attributes allow them to deal with any situation quickly, efficiently and discreetly.

Concerts, Charity Nights, Sporting Events

We have operatives available to secure your event including VIP protection, Crowd Control and Property Guards

School Formals and Youth Party Security

Recent problems and serious incidents regarding school formals and home or has highlighted the need for a site specific risk management plan and professional security staff to secure and control these events.

Music Concerts, Weddings, Openings, Dinners, Race Meetings, Board Meetings, Birthday Parties the list is endless. Whatever level of security you require, October Protection have the personal to accommodate your needs.

Movie and Film Set Security

An October Protection Queenstown specialty. Efficiently prepared site procedures, site inductions and training ensures the highest level of service to our customers that meets their specific requirements. October Protection personnel will work with your staff and management to establish a seamless work environment that does not conflict with their specified security duties. Everything from static guarding to personal protection is available for your management, staff, crew and actors.