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PROTECT YOUR STAFF & CUSTOMERS NOW Because the results are in!! And it's not pretty!!

During Level 4 of lockdown I created a talk on

"Covid-19 and Isolation, the psychological and physiological changes you can be expecting to go through."

My study was in relation to expected sudden surges in adrenaline and cortisol caused by fear and isolation the consequent rise in anxiety, & the effect it would have on the body and mind.

The basics were that people would be on a heightened state of anxiety that could lead to depression and/or violence unless we became more aware of the symptoms and self de-escalation methods.

The statistics from NZ Police in relation to Jan-Dec 2020 below show an alarming increase (12.4%) in assaults whilst a drop in theft and burglary (obvious as you cant thieve when in lockdown)

Can lockdown and the fear of Covid-19 actually have been a major reason for an increase of 19 more daily assaults in New Zealand up to a figure of 170 ASSAULTS A DAY? Well if overall crime went down but assaults went up......

Protect your staff and customers by enrolling your staff on our Conflict Management Training.

Available ON-LINE or in person


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