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Bad Press...Impossible to Progress!!

Is it any wonder SECURITY FIRMS struggle with a negative public perception...

With the well researched 80/20 rule...that 80% of people will just read a news headline & only 20% the article; then articles like the one in the image are one of the many reasons security firms have to constantly deal with a misrepresented image because of ignorant media articles

Hiring 1.8m fencing & having a couple of random mobile patrols is NEVER going to be enough to 100% protect a site earmarked for re-use by another school from vandalism. Yet the article's headline seems to point to the fact that it should have done the trick !

The Ministry should have investigated the plethora of other options to deter the frequent and known vandalism that was occurring. (Random/Night static guarding, mobile CCTV systems, perimeter trip beams...

Security is an industry where bad news travels fast & loud and good news never gets a mention.

It's hard enough for a professional security company to change public perception through their actions without the media ignorantly knocking us backwards through poor journalism.

How about we get some articles on the quality work being done by 1000's of security personnel everyday keeping NZ safe?

Happy to provide MANY examples for you NZ media ;)


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