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We all know that Car Crime in general, is massively on the rise in NZ, but one specific type is revelling in the care-free society that Kiwis love to live in.

Picture the scene.......It's Winter, its freezing, you've just thawed yourself out in the shower, got dressed and now face the prospect of the 30 minute commute to work in your car which is impersonating your box freezer. To save your butt from icing over and in a well meant endeavour to see through the windscreen when you drive; you unlock your car, turn the engine on, put the heaters on full blast and dash back into the warm house while the car thaws out. It's only for a minute or so, so what's the worst that could happen.

The thing is..... you're nodding as you read the above..... and thus know all about it and some of you may actually still do it, but if YOU know about it, hen so do the criminals. So much so that criminals are now using this early morning ritual as "Prime Crime Time"

They will scout your area looking for trends, people who frequently do this. They'll even time you on how long you leave your car to thaw. Then they will strike. They drive around in a car full of associates and drop them off at their well-researched, perfect time when you are back inside and dash over the road, jump in your driver's seat and take off with your car and everything that is in it.

Gone in 60 below....

Be smart, if you need your car to defrost, be in it, locked while you do it. Take the time to check some emails, read an article, watch a five minute BLOG or TED talk......or better still...some more of my articles and research on preventing crime ;)

  1. Check your street and inform your neighbours if you see suspicious cars driving around first thing on a cold morning

  2. Get an immobiliser fitted

  3. But most importantly.....don't give in to the mantra of "She'll be right", "It won't happen to me" or "It's only for a minute"......

Stay safe, stay warm and be smart this winter 021 24 777 04


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