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5 Ways to Prevent Becoming a Crime Statistic


Why is it so important to have security?

In New Zealand's "She'll be right" mindset, is it any wonder that we saw over 280,000 crimes last year, that's 767 a day. Take into account that these figures show only reported crime and not the actuals. It's with a mindset of such naivety that plays right into the criminals hands. A criminal looks for the TWO W's when targeting a business, home or individual; Weakness and/or Wealth. If you portray either or both then you become more susceptible to becoming a crime statistic yourself.

So let's look at 5 ways you can reduce the risk of being a victim of crime

  1. Put the Criminal on the Stage - Cameras, floodlights, alarm systems although not 100% successful, are highly beneficial in deterring a criminal. The higher the percentage of getting caught, the less likely they are too offend.

  2. Don't Flash your Cash - Lock valuables away from plain sight, and that means both inside and outside your house or business. Cars up driveways or in garages, reduces risk and obvious signs of wealth that may be translated into goods inside.

  3. Get to Know Your Neighbours - Advise them of when you are away, especially on holiday. They can do simple things for you like, empty your mailbox (a clear sign you are on holiday), turn on and off various lights, check on your doors, and windows.

  4. SMART lights, devices. - Having remote access to cameras, internal and external lights, wifi linked plugs to music systems, TV's etc can give the impression you are in when actually you can be on the other side of the world.

  5. Ensure your community REPORT crime - the more crime is reported, the more likely clusters can be created. So when it comes to allocation of Police time and resources, it will logically be put towards high risk or high volume areas.

In short.....reduce the risk, sew the seed of doubt in a criminal's mind and you are less likely to become a statistic yourself.

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