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The Major Change in Security Operations needed due to Covid-19

It's been a testing time for a lot of people; financial hardship, personal losses, massive uncertainty......

On top of that, Covid-19 has forced New Zealand businesses to suddenly have to invest in security, whether it be at Supermarkets to curb the toilet roll mad dashes, or in quarantine facilities to stop people sneaking out for a cuddle with loved ones, and spread round two of the virus. As the media has portrayed, neither have been done with any kind of success as New Zealand has entered into its second round of media fear mongering, conspiracist theory explosions and regional lockdowns, further hurting the economy, job stability, and most crucially the mental health of the Nation.

For all the misery and anxiety that Covid-19 has brought about, it has done something for the security industry that has been needed for over a decade; it’s highlighted the lack of international professionalism in New Zealand, that should be expected from security providers. Living in such as safe country as New Zealand (except for earthquakes, tsunamis, mass shootings etc) has lead New Zealanders to live by one of the most dangerous and naive strap-lines available in the 21st Century; "She'll be right". It is this blasé attitude to the reality and potential of "life events" that has allowed the Security Industry to be filled with minimum wage, badly trained security staff....until now.

The Security Guard of today needs many faces, but the ones of compassion, reason and choice are ones that need the most investment in. New Zealand needs to stop paying for cheap security, as you won’t get professionalism. You'll get neglected, over-worked, under-trained and under-paid people whose passion to help is slowly ebbing out of their bodies.

The solution to this problem is to invest well in a security firm, so they can train, develop, acknowledge and pay their staff to be kind, be compassionate, be respectful, be knowledgeable and create a safer New Zealand. The basic security qualification is no longer enough. Not providing ongoing training and adaptability is simply unacceptable in the face of the threats faced by this country.

Book a consultation with one of our team to learn how professional security solutions provided by October Protection can change your business today. 021 24 777 04......let's chat :)


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